Wisdom Teeth – Anchorage

26Practically no one has space in their mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth! Wisdom teeth are the back molars that emerge later than the other adult teeth. If there isn’t enough space for these teeth, they endanger your health when they start to grow in.

Wisdom teeth can grow in sideways. They can crowd the other teeth and cause them to shift and become crooked. Wisdom teeth can also become impacted, which leads to infections, cysts, and tumors.

Don’t let these risks threaten your health. Have your wisdom teeth removed before they begin to make their appearance.

Come in for a Consultation

If you have not yet had your wisdom teeth removed, come see Dr. Seth Lookhart. Our friendly dentist will examine your mouth and take x-rays to learn about the development of your wisdom teeth. He will help you decide whether or not wisdom teeth extraction is right for you.

Relax with Sedation Dentistry

We make extraction painless and worry-free here at Clear Creek Dental. Ask Dr. Seth Lookhart about our sedation dentistry methods. Sedation will help you feel relaxed and comfortable during the extraction process.

The Extraction Procedure

  1. Your doctor will provide you with your chosen anesthesia option and you will become warm, comfortable, and content.
  2. Your dentist will carefully open up the gums and remove any bone that is blocking the teeth.
  3. He will remove the wisdom teeth, usually in small pieces if they haven’t erupted yet.
  4. The dentist will seal up the gums with sutures. These stitches will dissolve in your mouth over time.

Don’t be nervous about your wisdom tooth procedure. This extraction will protect your future health and comfort. Come talk with Dr. Seth Lookhart. Feel free to tell him what our dental team can do to make your upcoming procedure smooth and easy.

Take a step to guard your oral health by calling us today. We are excited to give you a safe and beneficial dental experience.