Sedation Dentistry – Anchorage

Relax Through your Dental Visit!

stock-2It’s time to put your dental fears to rest. Dental anxiety keeps millions of patients from receiving the dental care they need to remain healthy. Individuals who avoid seeing the dentist are at risk for toothaches, bad breath, tooth loss, and even heart disease!

Has your dental anxiety been getting the best of you? We can fix everything at Clear Creek Dental. Dental sedation will allow you to relax completely while we improve your health and enhance your appearance.

Regular dental visits are necessary to maintaining great whole body health. Why not make each visit easy and comfortable?

The Benefits of Dental Sedation

2Treatment for Everyone | It doesn’t matter whether your dental anxiety is moderate or severe. Sedation dentistry can be a great and safe solution for you. We can cater your sedation experience to your personal needs.
Various Levels of Sedation | We offer IV sedation for our patients who prefer to be highly sedated. Most patients remain conscious and calm, but some even nap through their procedure. The sedation level is adjustable, so you can control your experience 100%.
Happy Thoughts Only | Dental sedation will allow you to feel content before, during, and after your procedure. Many patients experience slight amnesia so that they do not recall the details of their procedure.
Lessened Gag Reflex | Some patients have an active gag reflex that makes dental procedures more difficult for the patient and their physician. Sedation dentistry will relax this reflex so that your procedure can be faster and more successful.
Accomplish More | You’re safe, worry-free, and pain-free while you are sedated. This allows Dr. Seth Lookhart to work rapidly. With your heightened tolerance along with your doctor’s speed, you can accomplish more than one procedure in just one day.

Come find out more about sedation dentistry at our office. Dr. Seth Lookhart would love to tell you more about your sedation options. Call us today to set up your consultation!