Dental Implants – Anchorage

Complete Your Smile with Beautiful Dental Implants

stock-4What’s the next-best-thing to a youthful and natural smile? Dental implants. This cutting edge technology allows patients who have lost teeth to regain their full and complete smile after they’ve experienced tooth loss.

Here at Clear Creek Dental, we provide realistic and affordable dental implants. Our patients are highly impressed with the natural look and feel of their replacement teeth.

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are inserted into the jawbone. Once they’ve been placed, they are restored with dental crowns, bridges, or permanent dentures.

You can check out some of the advantages of dental implants below.

Safeguard your Youth | When you’re missing teeth, your jawbone isn’t receiving enough stimulation. Lack of stimulation can lead to a deteriorated jawbone and a sunken, aged appearance. Dental implants will stimulate the bone just like real tooth roots do so that you can maintain your youthful look.
Smile with Confidence | Gaps in your smile can wreak havoc on your self-esteem and your social life. Dental implants will give you the complete and beautiful smile that you’re missing so that you can smile for the world with total confidence.
Ditch the Dentures | Some patients love traditional dentures. Others feel that they slip and slide too much while they speak and eat. Dental implants are perfectly stable at all times, just like natural teeth.
Restore your Strength | Dental implants have all of the strength of natural teeth, plus some! You can dig into all of your favorite foods without concern. Dental implants will also restore your ability to speak without difficulty.

Why Wait? Make a Change Today!

Are the gaps in your smile taking a toll on your life? Don’t let missing teeth get the better of you. Take back your full and functional smile with long-lasting dental implants.

Don’t wait—make an appointment today with Dr. Seth Lookhart at Clear Creek Dental. Please call us at our office. We can’t wait to assist you!